Rhodiola: The Very Best Herb for Depression and Fatigue

This herb increased your resilience to physical and mental stress. It can calm you down, or increase your energy, depending on the needs of your body. In other words, it helps the body normalize itself and reach a state of physical and mental balance

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9 Supplements Proven to Help You Overcome Addiction and Withdrawal

I've been dependent on a lot of substances over the years. 

When my brain wasn’t working and I struggled with mental illness, it simply made sense to find immediate relief from something outside myself – even if it wasn't good for me - at least until I found better long-term, sustainable solutions.

I really felt like I had no other choice at the time. 

And I know there are a lot of people out there grappling with the same thing.

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The Best Amino Acid for Depression, Anxiety and Pain

Today I want to talk about an amino acid that has really helped me manage feelings of depression, anxiety and trauma.

I write about many different helpful nutrients, and I know it can be overwhelming. 

So I wanted to dedicate a post for this one amino acid, because I feel like it’s helped me more than any other, including n-acetyl-cysteine. 

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